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Shipping Policy

Total Delivery Time depends on the time it takes to tailor your costumes/made to order + the time is takes for the finished item to be shipped to you. 

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time(10-18 days) + Shipping Time(2-30 days)


Processing Time:

Except some popular items which we have many in stock, most of our costumes are made to order, so it takes us some time to process your order. Normally, it takes us 7-15 days to finish your order after receiving the payment whether you choose a standard size or customize.  



Shipping time & Cost:


  United States:

    Economic Delivery: 20-30 Days($12.99)          Standard Delivery: 6-12 Days($22.99)       Fast Delivery: 2-5 Days($34.99)


    Economy Delivery: 2-5 Days($18.99)          

  Canada & Mexico:

    Economic Delivery: 20-30 Days($12.99)          Fast Delivery: 2-5 Days($34.99)

 Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Poland:

   Economic Shipping: 20-30 Days($12.99)          Standard Shipping: 7-12 Days($22.99)       Express Shipping: 3-6 Days($32.99)

  Rest of European Countries:

    Economic Shipping: 20-30 Days($12.99)         Express Shipping: 3-6 Days($32.99)

   Australia & New Zeland:

    Economy Shipping: 20-30 Days($15.99)          Express Delivery: 3-6 Days($29.99)

  South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Lao, Cambodia, Indonisia:

   Fast Shipping: 3-6 Days($25.99)

  South Africa:

    General Delivery: 6-12 Days($22.99)

  Israel, United Arab Emitares, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Afghanistan:

    Quick Shipping: 3-6 Days($45.99)



    Most of our costumes are made to order, so it takes us 7-15 days to process your order even if you've chosen a standard size. If you are not willing to wait such a long time, we sincerely suggest you choose items that are in stock. If you are in urgent need of your order before a special date, please feel free to leave us a note when you check out or just email us at cosgeeker@gmail.com. We will try our best to help you out!