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Halloween 2021

Considering the fact that there'll be over 50 thousands of orders during the Halloween season, early purchase can relieve us from overloading sewing works. Cosgeeker sincerely suggest you place the order earlier. Furthermore, we provide you with decent offers from Sept. 1st. to Sept. 30th.

From Sept. 1st. to Sept. 30th, any order whose price(Not including Shipping charge) reaches $129 can get up to 10% Off.

Sept. 1st. ——  Sept. 10th.                12% Off     Coupon: CG2112

Sept. 11th.—— Sept. 20th.                10% Off     Coupon: CG2110

Sept. 21th.—— Sept. 30th.                 8% Off      Coupon: CG2108

If you want to receive your order earlier, please click the link below and order costumes which are in stock.



Please feel free to email us at cosgeeker@gmail.com if you have any confusions.